[vc_column_text]In Jim Collin’s wildly popular book Good to Great, he describes the flywheel effect – how little by little with continued effort you can begin to turn a huge, heavy wheel…until the very momentum of that heavy wheel does the work for you. This week, I’ll describe how we can start to build new momentum … Read more

[vc_column_text]What do Michelle Obama, Amy Schumer, and Sheryl Sandberg have in common? I mean other than being super successful boss women…the answer might surprise you! I became kind of obsessed with comparing my journey with other successful women, and the similarities were striking. My guess is if you’re reading this, you probably share the same … Read more

[vc_column_text] Networking…bleh! If you react like I do, you are not alone. Networking is a necessary skill for success, but one that many of us dread and could most likely use a little improvement on. So I’m bringing you five groundbreaking tips to help you overcome common networking roadblocks and mistakes so that you can … Read more