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Discover who you are, who you want to be, and break through the barriers that stand between these two versions of yourself with the FEAR[less] Masterclass from Dr. Rebecca Heiss.

Ready to become who you were meant to be?

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Dr. Rebecca’s FEAR[less] Masterclass and coaching packages empower you to tackle fear, stress, and overwhelm with science-backed tools and strategies for rewiring your brain, embracing your strengths, and developing new habits so you can create the life you want.

  • Develop a better understanding of yourself, your motivators, and your boundaries

  • Understand your brain’s natural reaction to stress and learn how to use your stress to springboard performance

  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

  • Discover how to recognize your fears and transform them into rocket fuel for growth

  • Take back control of your time and energy to build a life of greater happiness and success

SHRM Recertification Provider

The FEAR[less] program is approved by SHRM to offer 12 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.

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Who Needs to FEAR[less]?
  • Anyone feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed

  • People experiencing a crisis of confidence or going through major life changes

  • Leaders wanting to show up as their best, most authentic selves

  • High achievers suffering from imposter syndrome

Who Needs to FEAR[less]?

Anyone feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed

People experiencing a crisis of confidence or going through major life changes

Leaders wanting to show up as their best, most authentic selves

High achievers suffering from imposter syndrome

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About the Course

The FEAR[less] Masterclass tackles the multi-faceted impact fear has on our lives and empowers you with the skills to rewire your brain and transform any fear into rocket fuel. Whether you’re experiencing imposter syndrome, stress, difficulty setting boundaries, people-pleasing, or something else [there’s a lot of ways fear shows up!], this course will empower you to not just overcome your fear, but leverage it to your advantage.

Broken into 6 chapters of 52 bite-sized video modules, the Masterclass can be self-paced or taken as a 6-month cohort experience. Either way, you will have all of the content at your fingertips for life to re-experience it as desired.


52 Videos

The FEAR[less] Masterclass is broken into 6 chapters of 52 modules. Leveraging micro-learning principles, each bite-sized video module spans 5-10 minutes, adding up to 8+ hours of engaging course content.

Masterclass Workbook

This 150+ page workbook and journal offers intensive, self-led activities to embed behavioral change. Each chapter contains module-specific exercises for each video that move participants from learning to application.


3 Guided Meditations

Whether you're a newbie at meditation or a seasoned pro, these powerful visualizations will guide you to a grounded place from which you can springboard to a more FEAR[less] life.


Professional ENNEAGRAM profile

The ENNEAGRAM personality system provides valuable insights into each participant’s core motivations, fears, and behaviors. Each profile serves as a roadmap for personal development, highlighting areas for growth and providing strategies for self-improvement.


NeuroHabit Band Set

These wristbands are a simple but powerful tool for creating new neuropathways as participants begin implementing the habits recommended in each chapter. Based on cognitive therapy, the bands are continual, physical reminders of what they’re learning as well as tools for reinforcing the behaviors they’re practicing.

Neuro Habit Bands


A private FEAR[less] community to share and grow with others in the course.

*ADD-ON Individual/Group coaching packages available.

What if I
need more?

You don’t have to change your life alone. Maximize the impact of the course with guidance and accountability from a Masterclass cohort.

Led by Dr. Rebecca and her award-winning executive coaching team, headed up by Simone Sweeney, each cohort consists of 6 group coaching sessions with no more than 12 individuals, allowing you to learn from others as you make your FEAR[less] journey together.

Individual coaching packages are also available.

In other words, if you don’t see exactly what you need offered here, let us know and we’ll create the package that works for you!

The Curriculum

Chapter 1
Chapter One

Know Thyself

Many of us are so busy being people pleasers and tending to the needs of others we wake up one day and realize we’ve completely lost who we are. In this section, we’ll cover the factors contributing to “the slipping away” and find ways to resurface our authentic selves. You’ll be able to take a professional Enneagram - a widely recognized personality model that provides profound insights into fundamental motivations and reveals patterns of unconsciously driven behaviors. As a framework, the Enneagram can help you uncover your uniqueness and gain valuable insights into your most FEAR[less] self.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the core of who you are, recognize your strengths, and celebrate the real you!
  • Understand the mental blocks/self-limiting beliefs holding you back and learn to overcome them so you can be more confident.
Chapter 2
Chapter Two

Stress, Anxiety, & Time

While stress is an inevitable part of life, many of us live in a state of chronic stress, causing serious consequences to our health, relationships, and performance. In this section, we’ll discuss how the scarcity cycle can lead us to fight/flight/freeze/appease responses and develop strategies to intervene and break the cycle of both acute and repeated predictable stressors. We also cover time management techniques to take the power back from our scarcity mentality.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your physiological responses under stress and learn to react differently
  • Learn how to take back control of time and body and find better balance
Chapter 3
Chapter Three

Navigating Fear

Our fears of rejection and failure are both natural and normal, but that doesn’t mean they should stand in our way of accomplishing our dreams. This section will cover ways to work through discomfort, social anxiety, and fear to reframe and rewire our ancient brains for the modern world in which they live.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how our fears hold us back from growth, information, & feedback (and how to transform those fears into fuel!)
  • Master proven strategies for negotiating through overwhelming fear
Chapter 4
Chapter Four

Overcoming The Imposter

Somewhere between 75-82% of us suffer from imposter syndrome – the belief that we are not worthy of a relationship, or career or other accolades; that we are really just frauds and any day we’ll be discovered. This section is dedicated to calling out the imposter thoughts that keep us caged behind masks of perfectionism, procrastination and lower performance (and enjoyment of life)! You’ll take an assessment to identify the specific type and severity of your imposter thoughts. Then, we’ll tackle this type of thinking with strategies to change our automatic negative thoughts and build a confidence flywheel by working with our physiological responses and building sustainable new habits.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how to let go of perfectionism & procrastination to feel worthy of your success and achievements
  • Understand how control often ends up controlling us and what to do to break the cycle
Chapter 5
Chapter Five

Boundary Setting

Women face a difficult societal bind of expectation: be strong and be the “good girl.” Be a boss, but not bossy. Meanwhile men are expected to be strong and unemotional, and often end up suffering in silence. In this section, we tackle the responsibilities of setting and holding appropriate boundaries, through knowing and establishing your rights, clearly communicating them and recognizing when confrontation is necessary (and even when ties might need to be cut). Finally, we discuss the art of when and how to say “no” and “sorry.”

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize toxic patterns/relationships and set appropriate boundaries
  • Navigate the bind of gendered expectations
Chapter 6
Chapter Six

Manifesting Positivity

Curious about manifesting and the law of attraction in the world of science? In this final section, we’ll address the science of manifesting by exploring the biology, psychology, and physics behind attracting what you desire. Together, we’ll work through visualization practices to keep the momentum of everything you’ve learned in the course pushing forward toward a more fearless life.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Use science-backed methods to increase positivity in your life.
  • Discover how much control you have over your own happiness and success and how you can activate it

What to Expect

Harness your mindset around stress to use it to your advantage, rather than allow it to hold you back. Find new energy and creativity where there once was fear and empower yourself to reach bold new heights personally and professionally.

A shift towards Happiness

Take advantage of decades of research and experience in positive psychology boiled down to simple, immediate shifts you can make to measurably increase joy as you integrate with your truest self. Manifesting isn't magic. It's science we all have access to. Learn how to find joy in what you do.

Lasting Confidence

With goal-setting techniques based on our hormonal profiles, we can learn what really motivates us to hit those goals, push through barriers, and continue to strive toward our full potential, even as we balance our lives with better boundaries, habits, and powerful thoughts. Build your confidence to be and show your best self.

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Choose Your FEAR[less] Program
Choose Your FEAR[less] Program

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FEAR[less] journal
  • What are your biggest fears that you find yourself ruminating about and holding you back?

    GET THEM OUT, onto the page! And then a day, a week, a month later go back and have a second look. Were any of them actually tigers? What was the cost of inaction?

  • What if instead you double dog dared yourself to T-3 your way to adventure? What's the smallest step forward you can take?

    How could you show up differently? More powerfully? More authentically, FEAR[less].

    Because you can.

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