There are a number of attributes that leaders need today to stay at the top of their game. So what should leaders focus on in the limited amount of time that they have for self-development? I’ve narrowed down the list to the 5 attributes I believe leaders need in order to be the most effective … Read more

[vc_column_text] As leaders, we KNOW the value and importance of feedback, unfortunately, there is still a lot we get wrong when it comes to getting feedback ourselves. [/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”” css=”%7B%22default%22%3A%7B%22text-align%22%3A%22center%22%7D%7D”][/vc_video][vc_column_text]Here are the three things I see most frequently preventing leaders from gaining the self-awareness that could truly help them grow. Feedback is scary. Sure it … Read more

[vc_column_text]I walked the beach this morning and I’ve concluded there are only 3 types of people that are on the beach at sunrise: Exercise Enthusiasts – the runners, bikers, walkers Pensive People – those meditating, doing yoga, and generally looking like they are in deep thought Sunrise Selfie Shooters – does this one need an … Read more