Who you are is not your fault…but who you’ll be is entirely your responsibility

With all the personal responsibility gurus out there I have a seriously unpopular opinion about where to point the finger for your current situation – be it good, bad, or ugly.

Don’t point it at yourself.

Or other people.

Or your genetics.

Or your environmental circumstances.

In fact, go ahead and don’t point a finger at all.

Release yourself of any blame for where you are now. Because the reality is, of course you’re partially responsible. But so are a myriad of other factors far outside of your control.

The intergenerational trauma that was passed to you…

Your unconscious habits, learned and unlearned…

The combination of your genetics with any specific environment…

The people that raised you…

We spend too much time looking to the past and chiding ourselves or blaming our situation on anyone or anything, including ourselves. Forget that. Forgive yourself right now. None of it is your fault. I mean that. None of it.  Release any and all blame and start NOW. The past is over and gone. It can’t be changed, and it can only hurt you if you decide to let it.

But, and this is key, from here on…. The future is your responsibility. No fault past, full responsibility future.

You are your own magician.

Your own narrator.

Your own scriptwriter.

You get to choose the path but with every misstep, mishap, failure, – forgive and move forward. Your future is all you are responsible for.

Start now. Because you DO own that and only you are responsible for creating it the way you want to.

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