In This Together

Life has been changing rapidly for all of us over the past few weeks. As our daily patterns and normal routines are disrupted, it’s human nature to swing from denial to panic. We need to take a pause together and not let our instincts drive us with fear.

In my keynotes, I often speak about consciously creating a common external enemy to drive teams to work better together internally. Today, our communities have exactly this common enemy in the coronavirus, and with it, we have a great opportunity to come together. We need to put aside politics, race, relgion or any other force that might be dividing us, and focus all our energies, on defeating this global enemy. Because biology doesn’t care about any of our human constructs of borders and divisions. As we Americans fight Covid-19 together, let’s remember that we aren’t in this alone. My heart goes out to the people of China Italy Iran and Spain and all of the people who are battling this now today across the world.

There is no US or THEM in this fight.

Our common enemy is clear and it’s not one another.

So let’s keep our focus on doing all we can as human communities, to fight this virus together. We are all going to have to do our part to take care of one another, but I know we can, and will rise to the occasion. Keep sorting your fears into rational and irrational to stay fear(less) out there, and reach out if there is anything I can do to help.

Stay kind. Stay Fear(less). And stay healthy.


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