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Join me in embracing Fear(less) Chats!

Fear(less) chats are in the spirit of my original “Fear(less) Challenge” series—take a look at original post here.

Fear(less) Challenges will return, and I even have a few from before COVID-19 set in (stay tuned!)—but for now, let’s safely challenge ourselves to be more connected than ever, even if we’re apart.

In fear(less) chats people bravely challenge their outdated instinctive fears around rejection, failure and social norms with never before seen, random questions and a whole lot of uncomfortable eye contact. Check out the first chat here!



NYT Article “The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

NYT Article “To Fall in Love, Do This

Arthur Aron’s original research

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May 8th Fear(less) Chat Featuring Vera Jones!

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