Falling in Love with Our Stress

I was listening to one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriter’s Chris Pureka yesterday and her lyrics to the song Cruel and Clumsy always stop me in my tracks (you can listen here).

She sings…

“…[ ]we’re in love with our sadness sometimes”

What is it about that bittersweet sensation?

I believe that it’s the cruel and kind, salty and sweet mixture that makes up life, which ultimately leads to it being fulfilling.

A significant body of research suggests that without the stress, the sadness, and the difficulties that mark our lives, we wouldn’t find nearly as much satisfaction and fulfillment in them.

What a strange paradox, eh?

The Swedish phrase kärt besvär captures this perfectly.

Roughly translated it means, dear trouble, or beloved inconvenience.

Think about picking up your kids from soccer or clearing your inbox. Sure, it’s not always the sexiest or most instantly rewarding work – frankly, it can be painful when you have so many other demands on your time, but you’re still grateful for the opportunity when you look beyond the immediate inconvenience.

I often wonder how much we trade our meaning in life for the sake of convenience or avoiding pain.

Rather than avoid the stress and sadness this week, how can you fall in love with it?


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