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“This book is a missing piece for all Leaders dedicated to the pursuit of increasing their performance and enhancing their lives.”

Heather Anderson, Executive Coach on Emotional Intelligence at Leading Challenges

“In Instinct, Dr. Heiss brings a biologist’s perspective to understanding human behaviors that psychologists have studied for years. Her novel approach shines a unique new light on learning how to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.”

Dr. Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD, former president, American Psychological Association

“A read for all Spartans and leaders looking to break out of the ruts of their ancestral brain pathways and charge through the discomfort to success!”

Joe De Sena,
Founder and CEO of Spartan

A revolutionary approach to…

Unlocking your innate ability to achieve success in business and in life.

Evolutionary biologist Rebecca Heiss reveals the science behind our self-sabotaging behaviors that undermine our productivity, success, and happiness: instincts developed hundreds of thousands of years ago that are devastatingly mismatched to our current environments–and offers simple, actionable techniques to redirect those instincts to work for us rather than against us.

  • Why do we constantly feel overwhelmed by stress, dissatisfied in our careers and relationships, and lacking in real purpose?
  • Why do we feel stuck chasing and never catching our happiness?
  • Why do we seem to sabotage ourselves, hampering our productivity and success?

The answer lies in our instincts…

In every area of life, from business to relationships to health, we act on outdated instincts that were built to help us survive a world ruled by scarcity and danger. But in today’s world, those same instincts stop us from succeeding in the environment in which we actually live: a diverse world of abundant choices, and almost limitless connections.

Now evolutionary biologist Dr. Rebecca Heiss offers a new approach that harnesses the power of our instincts, and redirects them to work for us rather than against us. Dr. Heiss reveals the science behind our self-sabotaging behaviors, then provides simple, actionable techniques that can rebuild our instinctive minds.

Both practical and inspiring, Instinct is a roadmap that anyone can use to finally stop living on autopilot, improve productivity and happiness, and consciously craft a better life.

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