Shifting Definitions of Diversity and Inclusion

With their selfie-sticks and Instagram obsessions, Millennials may well have earned the title ascribe to them in the 2013 Time magazine feature: Millennials: The Me Me Me GenerationBut given that I, as a child of the early ’80s, managed to squeak into that generational definition, I feel marginally obligated to defend us.

 Selfie Generation
Selfie Generation

In less than a decade, we Millennials will represent more than 3/4 of the workforce. That’s a lot of “mes” vying to be heard. But these individual perspectives and attitudes are taking on an increasing level of importance in the workplace, as highlighted in Fast Company’s 5-minute read. Discussions on inclusiveness and diversity are more valuable than ever as an overwhelming majority of millennials report that “differences of opinion allow teams to excel.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to slap a sweeping label on the “me” generation. How are you working to engage these outspoken voices in your organization?

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