Survive to Thrive: Rewiring our brains for better in an epidemically stressed society. 

As humans, we have been granted a wholly unique and incredible opportunity to direct our own evolution. Scientific advances in neuroscience have shown our minds to be amazingly malleable, but what exactly are we doing with this awesome power? The answer for most of us is nothing. We are stuck in our pre-programmed mode of survival. But life is about more than surviving. It’s time to thrive.

Rebecca brings the business of biology to brain science to help individuals and corporations overcome fear-based, reactionary programming and become their best biological selves. Through self-awareness and conscious reconciliation of the effects that the modern environment has on a stone-aged brain, Rebecca empowers everyone to thrive in a happier, healthier state of mind.

Dr. Heiss breaks down how stress affects our health, our conscious decisions, and ultimately our happiness and success and provides insights for her clients to break through these barriers.


After the Survive to Thrive keynote, participants will:

  • Understand how stress physiology affects their health and job performance

  • Recognize how the brain operates maladaptively in the modern world

  • Develop a personalized brain plan to become Instinctively Cognitive and reduce fear-based choices.