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Rebecca's keynote brings audiences on an inspiring journey into their own minds, exploring the powerful world of the subconscious. Generously peppered with humor, audience interaction, and "Aha!" moments throughout, Rebecca empowers her listeners to retrain their brains to rely on Instinctive Cognition™, moving away from the reactive and toward thoughtful, ethical response.

Rebecca specializes in tailored speaking engagements and workshops to fit the needs of your professional association, non-profit, or educational institution.


Blind Spots to Breakthroughs

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Rebecca's transformative workshop Blind Spots to Breakthroughs, is a breath of fresh air, providing immediately applicable strategies to better the ethical decisions  of organizations and individuals. 

"When we lock-on to a particular truth, we lock-out anything that contradicts it. We create blind spots.”

By definition, we are incapable of seeing our own blind spots. Not recognizing that we don't know what we don't know can be costly in any organization.  Blind Spots to Breakthroughs empowers participants to overcome behaviors that act as barriers to their own optimal performance in work, and in life.


After the Blind Spots to Breakthroughs presentation participants will:

  • Understand of the root of subconscious bias leading to unethical choices
  • Neutralize their fears associated with blind spots
  • Recognize implicit blind spots on a personal and organizational scale
  • Learn how reliance on the subconscious can lead to ineffective and/or unethical decision making
  • Establish a road map to keep blind spots in check though Rebecca's trademarked SPEED program

Survive to Thrive: Rewiring our brains for better in an epidemiclaly stressed society. 

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As humans, we have been granted a wholly unique and incredible opportunity to direct our own evolution. Scientific advances in neuroscience have shown our minds to be amazingly malleable but what exactly are we doing with this AWESOME power? The answer for most of us, is nothing. Weare stuck in our pre-programed mode of survival. But life is about more than surviving. It’s time to thrive.

Rebecca brings the business of biology to brain science to help individuals and corporations overcome fear-based, reactionary programming, and become their best biological selves. Through self-awareness, and conscious reconciliation of the effects that the modern environment has on a stone-aged brain, Rebecca empowers everyone to thrive in a happier, healthier state of mind.

Dr. Heiss breaks down how stress affects our health, conscious decisions, and ultimately our happiness and success and provides insights for her clients to breakthrough these barriers.


After the Survive to Thrive keynote, participants will:

  • Understand how stress physiology affects their health and job performance

  • Recognize how the brain operates maladaptively in the modern world

  • Develop a personalized brain-plan to become Instinctively Cognitive and reduce fear based choices.

In the Company of Crows: Creating Collaborative Cultures to Crush the Competition.

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Business is, by nature, a game of hawks.

But what happens when the competitive nature of your employees prevents cooperation and constrains performance? We often hire those that live by the “whatever it takes!”rule, but is that really the best strategy for an individual or a larger organization?

In the Company of Crows brings together the latest scientific research to convey, in a simple and entertaining demonstration, how cooperation is king in the competitive world of business. Through her humorous and interactive examples, Rebecca brings biology to business, exploring how to promote internal stability, innovation, and cooperation.  Maximizing in-group affiliations among employees by creating a culture of cooperation, allows an organization to gain the competitive edge against external competition. 

Flock together. Fly higher. 

By understanding how behaviors that yield short term individual gain can ultimately reap negative consequences, Rebecca helps clients gain a competitive edge by embracing their inner cooperative crow to the benefit of themselves and their organization.


After the In the Company of Crows keynote, participants will:

  • Understand how internal competition decreases productivity.
  • Recognize the individual benefits of cooperative behaviors.
  • Shape company culture to drive competition outward, instead of creating internal conflict.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of each employee and the synchrony of each department to reach optimal company performance.

The SeXX(y) Side of Leadership: What brain science teaches us about gender differences in leadership

The SeXX(y) Side of Leadership cover image

The SeXX(y) Side of Leadership cover image

Men may not be from Mars any more than women are from Venus, but there is little doubt our paths on this planet have not always aligned. In fact, the cultural and evolved differences between the male and female brain are staggering and can have huge implications for gender-specific leadership.

It’s time women took back the B-word. BOSS(y) looks good on you.

In The SeXX(y) Side of Leadership, Rebecca helps clients understand how the female brain approaches risk, challenge, conflict, and cooperation. As females, we are conditioned to behave in ways that aren’t always recognized as “best practices” in leadership. It’s time to break down and break through these barriers. Understanding the biological basis of female leadership style can help all women become more successful leaders.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the roots of different gender leadership styles
  • Maximize their ability to lead powerfully, regardless of gender
  • Recognize and neutralize implicit bias on a personal and organizational scale
  • Acknowledge the importance of language and gossip in structuring power
  • Learn scientific techniques to maximize their potential as effective leaders