Lies to Legends

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Rebecca's transformative workshop Lies to Legends is a breath of fresh air, providing immediately applicable strategies to change the subconscious, limiting, stories that hold us all back from effective leadership.  With her focus on re-writing ineffective brain patterns through new actions, she helps all leaders stop their sabotaging subconscious stories from acting as barriers to their optimal performance.

“Stories are told. Legends are built. “

With a deep dive into achieving powerful self-awareness, Rebecca helps leaders change their stories to begin working for them (rather than against them), empowering every leader to live their happiest, most empowered, LEGEND of a life.

Key Takeaways

  • Establish a road map to rewriting a conscious legend through Rebecca's trademark BREAK program

  • Understand how actions dictate new beliefs

  • Build self awareness to drive more profitable companies and a happier work culture