It looks like you’re already on your way to becoming fear(less).
Most of us who take the fear(less) quiz end up in this category, because we are struggling with the instincts and stories that our brains still think are more important than they are. Our brains are full of fear. The objective in becoming fear(less) is to sort out the things we still need to fear, from those fears that are no longer relevant today. For example, being kicked out of the tribe used to mean death for our anscestors! But today, being rejected by a stranger not giving us a high-five, or not being perfect, or making fools of ourselves on dance floors, certainly doesn’t have the morbid ramifications it used to.
It’s easy and safe for us to fall back into our routines and habits, and surround ourselves with the comfort of people who all agree with us and see the world from the same perspective, but this isn’t how we grow. We grow by being willing to take calculated risks. By failing. By finding out all the things we so fear, are largely irrelevant, and holding us back from being our most authentic, happy, and productive selves.
One of the best ways we’ve found to become more fear(less) is to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. Check out our tool, icueity, to help you!
Also, use the responses you gave to the quiz (you’ll find it in your email) to challenge yourself in one area you believe you can become more fear(less).
We’d love to support you along your journey. Join us for year of fear(less) content and community at our FEAR(less) YEAR Podcourse, or just listen in to the podcast anytime you want to brush up with experts in everything from mindfulness to productivity and negotiation.


Rebecca has designed The Icueity App. A self awareness tool Icueity gives users continuous, valuable, anonymous feedback – from people they trust – that confirms or contradicts what they believe to be true about themselves.


Rebecca’s highly anticipated book, Instinct: The surprising biology that hijacks our minds and our happiness (and how to fix it) is due to be released May 2021! Check back for updates, and opportunities to pre-order your copies.