Blind Spots to Breakthroughs

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No blame. No finger pointing. No guilt.

Transformation is the goal.

We ALL carry bias. Our subconscious is constantly weaving stories about others. Whether those stories be positive or negative, once we understand that our subconscious brains are telling these stories it becomes imperative that we take action to challenge those biases in ourselves.

Rebecca’s Blind Spots to Breakthroughs not only addresses important issues in Diversity & Inclusion, her presentation is clear, science based, and gives us all the comfort, space, and language to talk about what is often a highly difficult conversation in which to engage.

When we lock on to a particular truth, we lock out anything that contradicts it. We create blind spots.


After the Blind Spots to Breakthroughs presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the root of subconscious bias and stories that lead to unethical choices and unproductive behaviors

  • Learn how to neutralize fears and stop the reliance on subconscious stories that lead to ineffective decision making, and lower happiness at the personal and professional level

  • Recognize the ability to rewrite subconscious stories about the “other.”