The force of a Princess, Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

There is literally nothing I can say about Ms. Fisher that hasn't been spoken more eloquently already. Her contributions to stage, page, and film deemed her royal long before the crown of the iconic Princess Leia. But it was in this role that I was first introduced to Carrie Fisher.

An immediate idol to me, Princess Leia was everything I'd ever wanted to be. Smart, beautiful, witty, and kick ass (oh, and beside Harrison Ford!). Despite her multitude of talents in writing and performing in dozens of other films, I think the reason Carrie is remembered in this role so fondly, is that it was so much a reflection of her actual life. That kick ass/take names wit and indomitable attitude didn't stop when she walked off set. She was never out of character and her real life served as an inspiration as powerfully as any fictional Princess.

As an outspoken advocate for mental health, Ms. Fisher was very vocal about her own struggles with addiction and bipolar disorder. Her honesty and openness helped countless others face their own battles against whatever Jabba the Hutt enslaved them.

She had no fear of herself. She sought out with spotlights what most of us prefer to keep in our blind spots and for this, she was a force.

May the force continue to be with you Carrie, and may we all be brave enough to seek it in ourselves.

Thanks for all the hope.