Neuroscience Fun Fact Friday: Eat your fats!

Revelatory personal moment alert: Like many young women, I once suffered from an eating disorder.  Even at 5'2 and 60 lbs. I had a horrific fear of fat. One of the realizations that helped me to overcome my anorexia was the recognition of the damage I was causing to my organs, in particular, my brain.  

I'm not saying this would have saved me from my own destructive behavior sooner, but I sure wish I had ready this article earlier.

"Your brain weighs about 3 pounds. Of that, the dry weight is 60% fat, making your brain the fattiest organ. [It is dependent upon] essential fatty acids, required for maintenance of optimal health [that] cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources."

In other words, if you want to maintain cognitive performance you better snarf up those healthy fats at every opportunity! Your brain relies on you to make healthy choices to fuel its performance. Stop being scared of fats - it's the only smart decision.  

On a personal note, while anorexia has left a lasting impression on my life, it no longer defines me. Forget the apple, I'm all about an avocado (and walnuts, and salmon, and...) a day!