Follow-up: Is the brain still evolving?

Yesterday we explored the question, "Is the brain still evolving?" via an article from How Stuff Works. In the blog I left you with two possible future outcomes for our brains:

1)  We interface with computers to increase our cognitive capabilities

2) We accept our place (albeit lower than computers in cognitive capacity) in the technological world which we created. 

But today I want to explore a third possibility. 

What if we instead focused on changing the selective pressures that drive our cognitive capabilities? In other words, how much does overall cognitive capacity really matter without things like creativity (something programmers of Artificial Intelligence have notably had a difficult time achieving)?  Or empathy?  Perhaps we aren't at a cognitive disadvantage to computers in many capacities. 

For more reading on these questions check out the links to the "Can computers be creative?"course page from the University of Toronto.