Blind Spots to Breakthroughs

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Rebecca's transformative workshop Blind Spots to Breakthroughs is a breath of fresh air, providing immediately applicable strategies to better the ethical decisions of organizations and individuals and lead to happier, more conscious lives.

When we lock on to a particular truth, we lock out anything that contradicts it. We create blind spots.

By definition, we are incapable of seeing our own blind spots. Not recognizing that we don't know what we don't know can be costly in any organization and yet it's rare for us as individuals to pause long enough to check our own subconscious programming. How might these subconscious stories be acting as barriers to our own optimal performance and happiness in work and in life? Blind Spots to Breakthroughs explores how to rewire our subconscious stories to start working for us (rather than against us) and breakthrough to a consciously lived, empowered, LEGEND of a life.


After the Blind Spots to Breakthroughs presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the root of subconscious bias and stories that lead to unethical choices and unproductive behaviors

  • Learn how to neutralize fears and stop the reliance on subconscious stories that lead to ineffective decision making, and lower happiness at the personal and professional level

  • Recognize the ability to rewrite subconscious stories through action.

  • Establish a road map to rewriting a conscious legend through Rebecca's trademark BREAK program