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Stress Management Consulting

Armed with a PhD in Stress Physiology and a background in education, Rebecca delivers the highest quality stress reduction solutions to individuals and organizations, reducing costs, and improving health and productivity for her clients.  Contact Rebecca today to learn more. 

Organizational Blind Spots Identifier 

Abstract drawing of brain with questions.

Take a deeper diver into uncovering and resolving your own personal & organizational blind spots that might be a concern to your company or association (diversity & inclusion, ethics, etc.).

If you've already found you have a Health Blind Spot from the featured quiz, consider exploring Instinctive Cognition. Instinctive Cognition is Dr. Heiss's exclusive program to measure and scientifically reduce individual stress, allowing your executive brain to function more competently and consciously.

Finally, if you'd like to more deeply explore your other subconscious associations and biases visit the Subconscious Analytics page for further analysis.


Blind Spots Quiz

This quick online survey is setup to help you identify blind spots within your organization and point you towards solutions.

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Instinctive Cognition

Instinctive Cognition is a 21-day, scientifically-based program to re-train your brain and lower your cortisol (stress) levels.

The course will teach you to calm and focus your conscious mind, to reduce the stress response and to overcome blind spots that limit your optimal performance at work and in life. Before and after measures of cortisol are tested as part of the program.


Subconcious Analytics

Subconscious Analytics is a confidential, customized subconscious testing service offered to organizations and individuals. The test measures the strength of a connection in the brain between two concepts—sometimes known as bias.  Testing is customizable with words and/or images. Results are tabulated, analyzed, and presented cohesively and anonymously (as requested). Run through our demo tests for science and racial bias testing to better understand how the test works, then contact Rebecca to set up your customized test.