Self Awareness: In order to grow, you first need to know.

A 360 review for your team at your fingertips 365 days of the year

Let’s face it. Self reporting stinks. So how are you supposed to get valuable insights about yourself in order to become a better leader, teammate, or colleague? Introducing Icueity. The first app designed to collect anonymous feedback from your team in order to identify and begin to close any gaps in your self-awareness. When you can see yourself as the rest of the world does, you’ll be able to maximize your own unique potential.

Discover hidden strengths, reveal blind spots, and increase productivity, innovation, good decision making and creativity with the one trait essential to all leaders: Self Awareness

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Organizational Blind Spots Identifier 

Abstract drawing of brain with questions.

Take a deeper diver into uncovering and resolving your own personal & organizational blind spots that might be a concern to your company or association (diversity & inclusion, ethics, etc.)

This quick online survey is setup to help you identify blind spots within your organization and point you towards solutions.